More Stills from the Weekend

moonscape-1 moonscape-3 island-1 island-2 island-3


TGG Meet Up Video

Fantastic edit of flying footage from the weekend.

Zebro 38 at the TGG Meet Up

From this past weekend.

Swamp on Memorial Day

Two flights from Sunday.

Zebro 38 Dusk Flight Stills

Some stills from a recent flight of my Z38 at dusk.

still3 still4 still5 still7

Zebro 38 Videos

These are just the videos from my Youtube playlist for the Z38.

The maiden flight.

The flight after the maiden.  I got a bit lost in the middle but figured out where I was after a while.

Back at the large field a little later.

At the TBRC meet up hosted by Bender.

Zebro 38 Pictures

Here is a batch of pictures of my Zebro 38 flying wing!  For me the build was a long process, but I’m pretty happy with the result.

The pictures are all a bit stale, but I have made only a few small changes.  The main difference is the ESC is now in a small bay between the motor and battery bay.
Top views
z38-top.jpg z38-front.jpg z38-rear.jpg z38-side-rx.jpg z38-side-vtx.jpg
Underside views
z38-underside.jpg z38-underside-close.jpg
Bay views
z38-bay-rx.jpg z38-bay-vtx.jpg z38-bay-inside.jpg z38-bay-inside-annotated-labels.jpg
Linkage — Note that I use 2-56 rods that came threaded at one end and then bought a 2-56 threading die to thread the cut end. Screw on clevises are used on both ends.  All screws are M2 (various lengths) with nylon lock nuts.
z38-linkage-full.jpg z38-linkage-horn.jpg z38-linkage-servo.jpg z38-underside-horn.jpg