Here is a batch of pictures of my Zebro 38 flying wing!  For me the build was a long process, but I’m pretty happy with the result.

The pictures are all a bit stale, but I have made only a few small changes.  The main difference is the ESC is now in a small bay between the motor and battery bay.
Top views
z38-top.jpg z38-front.jpg z38-rear.jpg z38-side-rx.jpg z38-side-vtx.jpg
Underside views
z38-underside.jpg z38-underside-close.jpg
Bay views
z38-bay-rx.jpg z38-bay-vtx.jpg z38-bay-inside.jpg z38-bay-inside-annotated-labels.jpg
Linkage — Note that I use 2-56 rods that came threaded at one end and then bought a 2-56 threading die to thread the cut end. Screw on clevises are used on both ends.  All screws are M2 (various lengths) with nylon lock nuts.
z38-linkage-full.jpg z38-linkage-horn.jpg z38-linkage-servo.jpg z38-underside-horn.jpg